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Stories by Scott Bachmeier

“Black stratus” over the Upper Midwest

AWIPS images of the GOES-10 10.7 µm IR channel (above) showed a patch of low-level stratus cloud drifting north-northeastward across Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin on 10 December 2007. Note how the tops of the cloud feature appeared warmer (darker gray enhancement) than the adjacent cloud-free (but snow-covered) areas; the term... Read More

GOES-10 replaces GOES-12

On 04 December 2007, GOES-12 (the operational GOES-East satellite at 75º W longitude) experienced an anomaly in spacecraft attitude following a North-South station keeping maneuver; initial efforts to restore GOES-12 to a normal on-orbit mode were unsuccessful. As a result, GOES-10 (at 60º W longitude) was reassigned from South American... Read More