Snow Cover in the Central US; Hudson Bay Almost Completely Frozen

December 22nd, 2006 |

MODIS true color image

MODIS true color imagery (above) and false color imagery (below) from 22 December 2006 reveals the widespread snow cover resulting from the major winter storm that moved across the central US on 2021 December, creating blizzard conditions in Colorado and the adjacent High Plains states (high-resolution image centered over Denver). A Java image fader allows you to discriminate between the snow cover and the cloudiness that was present across the region. Also of interest on this day is the fact that Hudson Bay in Canada is nearly completely ice-covered (MODIS true color image | MODIS false color image | Java image fader). Freeze-up in Hudson Bay normally is completed by early to mid December (for example, see November-December 2001) — so, is this unusually late?
MODIS false color image

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