GOES-14 Imager provided special 1-min data June 12th to the 14th, 2013. Also, GOES-14 supplied 1-min imagery 13-28 August, 2013. These were to support Global Hawk flights (or other targets of opportunity, similar to the SRSOR experiment in 2012). Dry run days were conducted August 13-16. GOES-14 was located near 105 degrees West. GOES-14 returned to 'storage mode' on August 29, 2013.

GOES-14-relevant SRSOR links:

Training materials

SSEC: All bands at full coverage/resolutions [With roam and zoom. Allows access to past days.]

SSEC Data Center kml files of Imager: bands 1 and 4

CIMSS Satellite Blog

CIRA loop of the visible and infrared window and water vapor [Note that the number at the end of the URL can be changed to show a different number of images.]

NSSL loop of the visible and infrared window

GOES SRSOR loop plus Roof Top Camera images SSEC data center visible only [Allows access to past days, only some days have SRSOR over Madison, WI]


SRSOR information from 2012. The SRSOR schedule allows for 26 1-min images most 30 minute periods. Other GOES schedules .

Daily Implementation of GOES-14 SRSOR Schedules (2013)

Starting Date [Julian Day]
(Day of Week)
Test Schedule Name Duration Center Point (coverage) Comments Links (large files)
June 12 [163]
SRSOR 163/ 16:14:30 UTC - 164/ 11:44:30 UTC 37N 85W Moderate Risk over IL, IN, OH IL   IL (HD)   MidWest (YouTube)   GA    GA (HD)   Blog: IL
June 13 [164]
SRSOR 164/ 11:44:30 UTC - 165/ 12:14:30 UTC 36N 84W Moderate Risk over MD, DE, etc. KY   VA   MidAtlantic (YouTube)   Blog: Eastern US   MidAtlantic (YouTube)   SRSOR+DCLMA  mp4
August 13 [225]
SRSOR (no FD) 225/ 11:14:30 UTC - 226/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 115W Pacific NW fires, etc. Blog:ID    pyroCB over Idaho   GOES-14 vs GOES-15 over Montana
August 14 [226]
SRSOR (no FD) 226/ 11:14:30 UTC - 227/ 11:14:00 UTC 37N 85W SE. GOES-14 E/W maneuver approx. 1220-1230 UTC Fog in WV   GOES-14 Fog in WI    SRSOR + Roof Top Cameras over Madison, WI
August 15 [227]
SRSOR (no FD) 227/ 11:14:30 UTC - 228/ 11:14:00 UTC 32N 85W Global Hawk ferry flight + Gulf of Mexico Convection Blog: Convection in the SE US       SRSOR + Flight Tracks over ATL (from Aviation Wx Testbed)
August 19 [231]
SRSOR (No FD) 231/ 11:14:30 UTC - 232/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 115W West Coast, NW Fires, etc. MT Fires   Rim Fire Complex in CA    Mesoscale Convective Vortex over Nevada
August 20 [232]
SRSOR (No FD) 232/ 11:14:30 UTC - 233/ 11:14:00 UTC 37N 84W US SE, GH take-off, AWC support, etc. GOES-14 SRSOR + Roof Top Cameras    Fog (mp4)    Convection over the SE
August 21 [233]
SRSOR (No FD) 233/ 11:14:30 UTC - 234/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 93W Slight Risk over MN early morning over WI    SRSOR+RTC    Convection over IA    Late afternoon over WI    Blog: Convection over Midwest    animated gif    HD mp4    GOES-13 vs -14: (animated gif)   (mov)   (mp4)    SRSOR + Flight Tracks over the Midwest    UW Cloud Top Cooling Rates
August 22 [234]
SRSOR (No FD) 234/ 11:14:30 UTC - 235/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 115W Western US, Fires, etc. Blog: Fire Rim in CA    Visible loop
August 23 [235]
SRSOR (No FD) 235/ 11:14:30 UTC - 236/ 11:14:00 UTC 35N 91W SEAC4RS field exp Isolated convection in the Gulf of Mexico
August 24 [236]
SRSOR (No FD) 236/ 11:14:30 UTC - 237/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 98W Northern Plains, slight risk Convection in the Gulf of Mexico (IR window)
August 25 [237]
SRSOR (No FD) 237/ 11:14:30 UTC - 238/ 11:14:00 UTC 37N 113W Monsoon convection over SW
August 26 [238]
SRSOR (No FD) 238/ 11:14:30 UTC - 239/ 11:14:00 UTC 40N 96W Convection over Upper Midwest Convection over WI    animated gif    SRSOR + RTC   Blog: Bore Feature over WI
August 27 [239]
SRSOR (No FD) 239/ 11:14:30 UTC - 240/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 115W West Coast: Monsoon, SEAC4RS flights, etc. CA Rim Fire
August 28 [240]
Optimized schedule tests 240/ 11:14:30 UTC - 240/ 14:14:00 UTC 39N 115W Optimized Super Rapid Scan _
August 28 [240]
Optimized schedule tests 240/ 14:14:30 UTC - 241/ 17:00:00 UTC N/A Optimized Rapid Scan _

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