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Archive: Oct 2023

Sequential SAR views over Typhoon Koinu

RADARSAT-2 and RCM-3 satellites had nearly simultaneous overpasses over Typhoon Koinu on 3 October 2023, as shown below. (See this blog post from 2 October for more on Koinu) Both SAR analyses showed the strongest winds (nearly 120 knots) in the southern eyewall of the storm, with long interesting wind minima features... Read More

Typhoon Koinu in the Philippine Sea

Target Sector (2.5-minute interval) JMA Himawari-9 AHI Visible and Infrared images (above) showed Typhoon Koina as it intensfied to a Category 3 storm by 0000 UTC on 02 October 2023 (SATCON). Cloud-top infrared brightness temperatures were as cold as -90C.Just prior to the start of the Himawari-9 animation, an image of RCM-3 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) winds... Read More