Snow melt in lower Minnesota

December 9th, 2021 |

Above-freezing ground temperatures caused snow melt in lower Minnesota, as seen in this GOES-16 true color imagery from RealEarth. Temperatures in the area reached a balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit, dissipating what snow had accumulated. At the beginning of the animation, you can see a dark ‘V’ shape that is in contrast with the lighter snow. This is the Minnesota River. The ‘V’ mark disappears as the snow melts.

GOES-16 provides five-minute imagery that can capture changes occurring rapidly, such as snow melt on a warm day. GOES-16 five-minute animations are available to anyone for free on the RealEarth data visualization platform. Visit this link to be taken directly to this GOES-16 true color imagery in RealEearth.

More snow is forecast for the area tomorrow (Friday December 10).

GOES-16 true color imagery on 2021-12-09 every five minutes from 1510UTC to 1930UTC.