Protocol changes to the CIMSS Direct Broadcast ftp website

April 27th, 2021 |

VIIRS True Color imagery and VIIRS M12 and M13 (3.7 µm and 4.05 µm) infrared imagery, 1716 UTC on 27 April 2021 (Click to enlarge)

There have been recent changes to web browsers with a result that ftp:// protocols are only rarely supported (and that can be with difficulty). Accordingly, ftp access to UW-Madison CIMSS Direct Broadcast imagery has been altered so that https:// protocols can be used. This can allow direct visualization of imagery through a web-browser, eliminating the need to download it first. To access NOAA-20 data, for example, start at (similar urls access Suomi-NPP, Terra and Aqua imagery);  then select an instrument (VIIRS or ATMS, for example), a day/time, and the type of imagery. The imagery shown above came from much larger images at It shows True Color imagery over the Gulf Stream just east of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, along with M12 (3.7 µm) and M13 (4.05 µm) imagery. There is both a color change and temperature change to the water as one travels across the North Wall of the Gulf Stream.

The CIMSS Direct Broadcast site is one of very few that allows access to imagery for all 22 VIIRS channels: 5 I-bands, 16 M-bands, and the Day Night band.