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Archive: Mar 2008

More snow in the Upper Midwest

The winter of 2007/2008 has already produced record snowfall (100.7 inches at Madison, Wisconsin, and 76.2 inches at Dubuque, Iowa) or near-record snowfall (107.0 inches at Grand Rapids, Michigan, and 98.9 inches at Milwaukee, Wisconsin) over portions of the Upper Midwest region;  on 27 March 2008, another 2-6 inches of snow fell... Read More

Warm air ahead of a cold frontal boundary

A cold frontal boundary was moving southward across the central and southern Plains on 27 March 2008. AWIPS images of the MODIS visible channel (above) showed that the leading edge of the front was generally cloud-free as it moved through the Oklahoma and Texas panhandle regions.AWIPS images of the GOES-12 3.9µm... Read More