Noel becomes a Hurricane

November 1st, 2007 |

AWIPS GOES-12 IR images (Animated GIF)

Tropical Storm Noel intensified late in the day on 01 November 2007 to become a minimal Category 1 hurricane just north of the Bahamas. AWIPS images of the GOES-12 10.7µm IR channel (above) show that the circular area of very cold cloud top temperatures (colder than -80º C, green enhancement) became more well-defined and moved closer to the surface circulation during the intensification process.

Tropical Storm Noel – Convective bursts

November 1st, 2007 |

GOES-12 10.7µm IR images (Animated GIF)

After spending some time meandering over Cuba and just off the northern coast of the island, Tropical Storm Noel began to intensify a bit and produce bursts of convection within its eastern semicircle as it started to move slowly northward during the day on 31 October 2007. AWIPS images of the GOES-12 10.7 µm IR channel (above) revealed a significant increase in the areal coverage of very cold cloud top temperatures (below -80ºC, light green enhancement); in fact, isolated IR brightness temperatures as cold as -92º C (white pixels) were noted at 04:01 UTC on 01 November.