February 2007: A month of Northern Hemisphere water vapor channel images

February 28th, 2007 |

AWIPS northern hemisphere water vapor image

An animation of 3-hourly water vapor channel image composites from AWIPS during the entire month of February 2007 (35 MB QuickTime animation; 1280×1024 screen resolution required) shows the diverse variety of storms that affected the Northern Hemisphere during that particular month. Significant weather events in the US included fatal tornadoes in central Florida (02 February) and New Orleans (13 February), heavy lake-effect snow in western New York (141 inches in 10 days at Redfield, 03-12 February), and winter storms affecting much of the eastern US (13-14 February) and the northcentral US and Great Lakes (24-26 February). February 2007 ended up being unusually cold and snowy across much of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions — Grand Rapids, Michigan and Rochester, Minnesota had their snowiest February on record (33.6 inches and 19.6 inches, respectively), and La Crosse, Wisconsin experienced their greatest storm total snowfall on record (21.0 inches from 23-25 February).