More GOES-10 SRSO imagery

September 7th, 2006 |

GOES-10 Super Rapid Scan Operations (SRSO) visible and 10.7 micrometer InfraRed (IR) imagery at 1-minute intervals shows a nice view of a small thunderstorm that developed off the Texas coast this morning. The pulsing of overshooting tops could be seen in the visible imagery, along with periods of colder cloud top temperatures (around -65 C, darker red enhancement) in the IR imagery. Toward the end of the animation, an outflow boundary can be seen moving westward away from the convection. Since the storm was offshore, there were no reports of any hail or severe weather with this particular convection…but it was interesting to watch in the 1-minute imagery. Real-time GOES-10 SRSO visible imagery can be viewed here or here.
GOES-10 SRSO animation