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Category: What the heck is this?

Banded wind structures over Lake Huron

The SAR wind analysis above shows curious banded wind features over central Lake Huron. The bands have a vertical separation of around 10 km and exist just south of essentially calm winds (magenta in the enhancement used). Peak winds within the bands 8-10 m/s, and the (weaker) winds in between... Read More

Wind feature off the mouth of the Rio Grande

Sentinel-1A SAR data just before sunrise captured a very narrow region of enhanced winds just south of the Rio Grande delta on 18 February 2023, as shown above in a toggle with the 1226 UTC GOES-16 Band 13 Clean Window infrared (10.3 µm) imagery. There appears to be no obvious... Read More

Global mean values of ABI Bands

CIMSS scientists have created a website that extracts from the Level 1b ABI files information on the global mean radiance (and maximum, and minimum radiances) for each of the 16 channels at this link. The figure above tracks the global mean temperature of the GOES-16 Band 8 (Upper Level Water Vapor,... Read More