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Category: Himawari-9

Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle in the Coral Sea

Himawari-9 Upper Level Water Vapor infrared (6.25 µm) imagery for the 8 hours ending 1300 UTC on 8 February 2023 show the nighttime blossoming of convection near the center of developing tropical cyclone Gabrielle to the east of Australia in the tropical southwest Pacific. The environment of the storm is... Read More

LIS observations just east of Japan

The Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) that flies on the International Space Station (ISS) observed about 20 individual flashes in about a minute to the east of Japan on 1 February 2023, as shown in the animation above. Himawari-9 Band 13 clean window infrared (10.41 µm) imagery, below, bracketing the lightning... Read More