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Category: FY-4A

Cyclone Tej in the Arabian Sea

MIMIC Total Precipitable Water (TPW) fields, below, show a band a rich moisture over the northern Indian Ocean between the Equator and 15oN Latitude. By 17 October in the animation, cyclonic motion is diagnosed in the TPW fields between 60o and 70o E Longitude. By 18 October, an invest was... Read More

China releases first imagery from FY-4A

The first imagery from the Chinese Satellite FY-4A has been released. The true-color composite, above, was generated from two visible and one near-infrared channel. The image below shows all 14 Bands on the satellite.In addition to the 14-channel Advanced Geostationary Radiation Imagery (AGRI), from which the imagery above was derived,... Read More