Complex wave structures in clouds over Baja California

January 5th, 2007 |

GOES-11 visible image

GOES-11 visible channel imagery from 05 January 2007 (above) revealed some complex wave structures within the various cloud features that were located over the Baja California region (Java animation): (1) a cold front was surging southward across the northern Gulf of California (near the top center of the images), and the broken cloud deck behind the front exhibited some waves; (2) a packet of stationary waves was seen to the lee of Isla de Cedros (“Cedros Island”, located near the center of the images) — mountains on this island rise to elevations of 1205 m (3949 ft), which were high enough to act as a barrier to the prevailing westerly/northwesterly flow on that day; (3) other wave packets were noted both in the stratocumulus clouds over the open waters of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the clouds located inland over parts of Baja California.

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