East Pacific Tropical Depression 1E

June 18th, 2009 |
GOES-11 10.7 µm IR images

GOES-11 10.7 µm IR images

The first tropical depression of the East Pacific season (Tropical Depression 1E) formed off the southwest coast of Mexico on 18 June 2009 — this was the latest date of the start of the tropical cyclone season in that particular ocean basin since reliable records began in 1970. The previous record for the latest start of the season in the East Pacific basin was the development of Tropical Storm Aletta on 19 June in 1994.

GOES-11 10.7 µm IR images (above) showed that the tropical depression exhibited some very cold cloud tops early in the day on 18 June (IR brightness temperature values as low as -87º C, darker purple color enhancement), but then the cold cloud canopy collapsed fairly quickly later in the day, with cloud top temperatures warming from -86º C at 19:00 UTC on 18 June to -64º C at 01:00 UTC on 19 June. A new series of convective bursts then developed in the northern quadrant of the tropical depression after about 03:00 UTC on 19 June.

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