GOES-14 to begin SRSO imaging in August

August 8th, 2014 |
GOES-14 Visible Channel (0.62 µm) imager (click to enlarge)

GOES-14 Visible Channel (0.62 µm) imager (click to enlarge)

GOES-14 (positioned over the Equator at 105º West Longitude) Imager and Sounder instruments have been activated to support of SRSO-R operations, which are scheduled to begin Thursday 14 August. The first image acquired was shortly after 1530 UTC on 5 August; Image Navigation and Registration start-up was scheduled for 7-9 August, and the image above along the Gulf Coast shows that the navigation today is very accurate. Infrared imagery for the same time shows coldest cloud tops (over eastern Arkansas) near -65º C.

After a north-south maneuver on the 12th, GOES-14 1-minute imagery will begin to flow. The satellite is scheduled to return to standby mode on 29 August.

Satellite messages from NOAA, including those pertaining to GOES-14, can be viewed here.

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