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Satellite Meteorology Modules

Satellite Meteorology

Created by UW-Madison, 2002
Each module was designed to serve as a stand-alone lesson, however,
we strongly encourage a sequential approach to the material
    The evolution of remote sensing technology

Weather Satellites and Orbits
    A brief history followed by an explanation of satellite orbits and instruments

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Making the connection between light (electromagnetic radiation) and satellite images

Cloud Identification
    Ten Common Cloud Types and some background on how they are formed

Satellite Images
    Visible, Infrared, and Water Vapor Images - the three essential image types all meteorologists use

Satellite Winds
   Using satellite images to track winds

Weather Forecasting
    Using Satellite Images in Weather Forecasting

Wild Weather
    Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Blizzards...

Monitoring the Global Environment
    Using satellites to monitor the health of Earth

The Advanced Baseline Imager
    Improvements slated for the GOES-R launch