Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Investigations with Remote Sensing Data Using MODIS, AIRS, & AMSU

18 – 25 May 2012 in Bologna

28 May - 1 June 2012 in Potenza

Paul Menzel


Date Session
Day1 Introduction to VIS-IR Radiation Lab
Lab1- Planck Function
Day2 Lecture 1: Radiative Transfer Equation in the IR
Lab2- Analyzing MODIS Data Viewing Land Ocean, and Atmosphere
Day3 Lecture 2: Introduction to Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Remote Sensing Lab
Lab3-Interrogating AIRS Data and Exploring Spectral Properties of Clouds and Moisture
Day4 Lecture 3: Introduction to Lab on High Spectral Resolution IR Mesurements
Lab4-Exploring Low Level Moisture in AIRS, MODIS, and AMSU-A Split Windows
Day5 Lecture 4: Introduction to Lab on Split Window Moisture