SSECGOES-14 SRSOR and Roof Top Camera (RTC) Imagery


Date/Time Range of Animation: 2016-08-25 11:02 — 2016-08-25 11:11
Actual Number of Frames in Animation: 10

Please note: specifying too many frames may cause your browser to freeze.

End Date/Time: Refresh
Nominal Resolution:

Number of frames: Max number of frames for resolution 1 km: 300
Max number of frames for resolution 4 km: 600

Animation Container Size:

This is GOES-14 SRSOR imagery (and SSEC Roof Top Cameras) in Madison, WI. These animations are meant for evaluative and educational purposes by SSEC scientists and our collaborators and are not meant for any other purpose. Note, that the light blue circle is 45 km distance from SSEC. These animations are only updated when GOES-14 is in SRSOR mode over Madison, WI.


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