GOES-T Teacher Workshop at Kennedy Space Center
    - CANCELLED due to COVID19 -

The third satellite in the GOES-R series of satellites is scheduled for launch on March 1st.
The teacher workshop planned for Kennedy Space Center was replaced with a
COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH Webinar, featuring the following content:

  • NOAA's Tim Schmit: GOES-R Series Satellite Instruments and Capabilities
  • PAEMST Educator Vicky Gorman: Countdown to Launch Calendar and student engagement ideas
  • CIMSS's Margaret Mooney: Tracking the weather with GOES and the GOES Virtual Science Fair
  • You can also view a condensed version of the webinar via this Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) presentation:

    Learn more about the GOES-T Launch

    Learn more about the GOES-R Mission (4 satellites: R, S, T & U)

    Learn more about The GOES-R Education Proving Ground and the GOES Virtual Science Fair