GOES-16/17 Virtual Science Fair 2020


NEW! We've STREAMLINED the spring 2020 virtual science fair so students can participate and submit individual projects from their own home. You still need data from GOES-16 or GOES-17 to investigate weather and natural hazards. And there will still be three winning teams OR individuals: middle school, high school and grades 13/14 (community college or university).

Students from the winning teams will receive $25 gift cards AND official GOES-T launch viewing invitations to KSC (but no travel support). Their teachers will garner launch invites (no travel support) and conference travel support to attend and present at the 2021 American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting in New Orleans!

Here are the new guidelines and requirements:

1) Watch this 6-minute video on Weather Satellites

2) Learn about GOES-R via this short GOES-R Series Satellites module.

3) Submit a project to the 2020 CIMSS Virtual Science Fair using data from GOES-16 or GOES-17!
Here are three ideas, but feel free to pursue any weather or climate topic that interests you:

  • Forecast/hypothesize the near-term weather (start by checking the National Weather Service forecast) then analyze what evolves in real-time using multiple ABI bands (two or more). Create a poster describing the event then present via a short 2-5 minute video.
  • Pick a case from the CIMSS Satellite Blog that includes multiple ABI bands (2 or more), make a poster describing the case in your own words using the images in the blog then present the case via a short 2-5 minute video.
  • Make a hypothesis about a natural hazard then analyze it with multiple ABI bands (two or more). Create a poster describing the event then present via a short 2-5 minute video.

Please plan on submitting your project by May 22nd. NOTE TO TEACHERS - We are now encouraging teachers to assign this to their entire classrooms. STUDENTS: feel free to enter whether this is an assignment or not! And if you already have/had a project underway with your classmates you can still enter as a team.

All entries must include:
Poster: Create a scientific poster complete with representative ABI imagery (2 or more bands) uploaded as a PDF or PPT slide, here's a template. Include 2 or more images from different ABI bands.
Presentation: Provide a link to an uploaded video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) or share a narrated Power Point in a Google folder. Students should describe the poster in a short (2-5 minute) video, similar to a poster session at a professional conference.
OPTIONAL but nice for us: A full resolution photo of the student (s).


Middle School Submissions


Grades 9-14 Submissions



- PPT Template

- ABI Bands Quick Information Guides

- Scoring Rubic (helpful guide when making your poster)

- FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions related to this science fair



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