Global and Regional Climate Change
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Course Outline

This course is divided into five units and sixteen lessons. When taking the course for professional development credit, participants are expected to work through two lessons per week.

Our Global Climate System
1) Life and Climate
2) Energy and Climate
3) Climate Regulators

Observations of Climate Change
4) Direct Observations of Recent Climate Change
5) Paleoclimatic Perspectives on Climate (Indirect Observations)
6) Past Climates – Natural Drivers

Global Climate Change
7) Human Influences on Climate
8) Panels, Protocols and a Common Misconception about Ozone
9) Probabilities, Uncertainties and Units used to quantify Climate Change

Climate Modeling and Future Scenarios
10) Models as Tools
11) Feedback Loops
12) Emission Scenarios
13) Projections of Future Changes in Climate

Regional Climate Change
14) Global Projections for Regional Climate Change
15) Climate Change Impacts in the Continental United States
16) Regional Mitigation & Adaptation Responses


Anyone who logs on and completes all the activities and quizzes from all 16 lessons can generate and print a certificate of completion indicating they spent 20 hours working through this web-based climate course.