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Category: Fog detection

Lake effect cloud plume in northeastern Montana

GOES-16 (GOES-East) Nighttime Microphysics RGB and Day Snow-Fog RGB images (above) showed a lake effect fog/stratus plume that was meandering slowly northward from the still-unfrozen Fort Peck Lake in northeastern Montana (just south of Glasgow) on 08 December 2022.During the hours leading up to sunrise, GOES-16 Nighttime Microphysics RGB images with an overlay of the GOES-16 Cloud Top Phase derived... Read More

Fog over southwestern lower Michigan

From today’s inbox: This morning was interesting because I saw very little indication in the vis channel or microphysics RGBs to indicate fog was present over far SW Lower MI this morning. Any thoughts why? When fog is difficult to view in satellite imagery, as on 2 July 2022, it’s... Read More