VIIRS composite flood products over Bangladesh and India

June 21st, 2022 |

The five-day composite of the VIIRS flood product is just one flood product that can be viewed in RealEarth. VIIRS is an instrument aboard SNPP and NOAA-20, which are low earth orbiting satellites. This means that while only two daytime observations may be retrieved per day over a given region, the spatial resolution of 375-m is quite highly resolved. VIIRS flood composites, such as the five-day composite, provide the “maximal flood extent” during flood events. More information about VIIRS and other satellite flood products can be found here.

In areas of Bangladesh and northwest India, persistent rains have caused recent heavy flooding. Millions of people have already been displaced and the flooding is forecast to continue. The VIIRS five-day flood product composite over a six-day time period can be seen below, with the 7-day CMORPH2 satellite-derived precipitation accumulation product. Comparing the images, the spatial placement of flooding with accumulated precipitation coincides well.

Daily images of the five-day VIIRS flood product composite from 6-15-2022 to 6-20-2022 over Bangladesh and Northeastern India. The product estimates the severity of river flooding over the last five days [click to enlarge].
CMORPH2 accumulate precipitation from 6-20-2022 over the same area. This product represents the approximate precipitation (rainfall) accumulation over the last seven days [click to enlarge].
Convective storms occurring over Bangladesh and Northeast India on 6-19-2022 from 00:00Z to 15:50Z as seen from the Advanced Himawari Imager (AHI). This animation was created using CSPP’s geo2grid software.

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