Stereoscopic views of convection using GOES-16 and GOES-18 visible data

May 11th, 2022 |
GOES-16 and GOES-18 imagery, 1920 – 2350 UTC on 11 May 2022

GOES-18 data in this post are preliminary and non-operational and beautiful. Because GOES-18 and GOES-16 nadir positions are separated by almost 15o of longitude (89.5o and 75.2o, respectively), they can be used (when remapped to the same projection, in this case using a beta version of geo2grid that supports GOES-18 imagery) to create pseudo-stereoscopic imagery. That is, if you cross your eyes when looking at the imagery, and focus on the image that appears in the middle of the two other images, a three-dimensional image can be viewed (Note: Not all human brains can do this). The image above shows convection on 11 May 2022 over Nebraska between 1920 and 2350 UTC.

Thanks to Tim Schmit, NOAA/ASPB, for supplying me with these images!

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