One month of Day Night Band imagery over the Dixie Fire in California

August 12th, 2021 |

The VIIRS Today website (link) contains daily imagery from the Day Night Bands on both Suomi NPP and on NOAA-20. For example, here are three images from Suomi-NPP on 12 August over the Pacific Northwest and northern California: 2-km resolution, 1-km resolution, and 250-km resolution. The animation below shows Day Night Band imagery over northern California, showing the development of the Dixie Fire (14 July) and its expansion and motion over the subsequent weeks. The animation was derived from 1-km resolution imagery.

Day Night Band visible (0.70 ┬Ám) imagery from Suomi NPP or NOAA-20 (as indicated) daily from 9 July through 12 August 2021

Smoke from the fire is occasionally obvious in the imagery (for example on 2 August), depending on the amount of lunar illumination. Clouds also cover the fire at times, but the light emanated from the fire shines through. A fire to the east that is in progress when the Dixie fire starts is contained during the first week of the animation. Other fires are apparent as well, but the Dixie Fire is the longest-lasting one in the animation. The Dixie Fire has occasionally burned hot enough to product pyrocumulonimbus clouds, as shown here.

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