CIMSS GeoSphere website is now active

January 13th, 2021 |

CSPP GeoSphere page showing True-Color (and Nighttime Microphysics) Imagery at 1730 UTC on 13 January 2021 (Click to enlarge)

The CIMSS CSPP-Powered GeoSphere site is now available.  This site allows quick access to GOES-16 imagery via Cloud-friendly, flexible (and configurable) software.  Data are accessed from the GOES Re-Broadcast (GRB) downloaded via antenna at CIMSS/SSEC.  Significant effort was made to reduce latency.  For example,  GOES-16 Mesoscale Sectors load within about a minute of their being downloaded, CONUS sectors load within about 8 minutes, and Full-Disk imagery loads within 20 minutes.  In addition to the individual bands (1-16), a sharpened True-Color (Daytime) and Nighttime Microphysics (Nighttime) product is available.  The data are tiled and only tiles that are needed for the present view are loaded.  In addition to still images, animations can be displayed, and a user can choose how many images are in the loop (up to 30), and what the time-step (i.e., ‘Pattern Stride’) is.  Users can also share urls so that others can view the same animation.  For example, the image above was created with this url.  Individual frames can be downloaded via a left-click on the image.  There is at present no method to download animations directly.

More information on this site is available in this recorded presentation created from this PowerPoint.

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