Global Visible True-Color Imagery

February 14th, 2020 |

True-Color visible imagery from 9 February 2020 (Click to enlarge)

Prediction: This is the most beautiful satellite image you will see today. The above imagery, from the talented Rick Kohrs at the Space Science and Engineering Center, knits (seemingly seamlessly) together vertical local-noon swaths of multispectral visible/near-infrared Geostationary imagery, all using McIDAS-X. At some point in the near future, daily imagery will be created, and then an annual movie. (Click here for an image from 21 March 2019, or from 21 September 2019).

In each image, the sub-point of a satellite used to create the image is evident in the Sun Glint (at 140.2ºE for Himawari-8, or 137.2ºW and 75.2ºW for GOES-17 and GOES-16, respectively). Values at the eastern and western edges do not match up because they are offset by 1 day. A break-point has to be inserted, so why not at the edge?

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