GOES-10: Southern Hemisphere Coverage

December 21st, 2006 |

GOES-10 Sounder coverage (animated GIF)

GOES-10 (which is currently located at approximately 60 degrees West longitude) imager and sounder data are currently being ingested by the SSEC Data Center in support of the Earth Observation Partnership of the Americas (EOPA) project. The animated GIF of GOES-10 sounder coverage (above; Java animation) shows the 4 separate sectors that are scanned at 60 minute intervals. Examples of all 19 channels on the GOES-10 sounder are shown for sector 1, sector 2, sector 3 and sector 4. Of particular interest is the warm signature of the Andes Mountains in the sector 4 images, which is evident on the water vapor (channel 10) and CO2 absorption bands (channels 3,4,5) as well as the other IR channels.

An animated GIF of GOES-10 imager IR window channel images (below) shows the larger areal coverage and improved temporal resolution of the GOES-10 imager (Java animation), which has 1 visible and 4 IR channels. These GOES-10 imager and sounder images are shown in their native satellite projections (no remapping has been done).
GOES-10 imager IR window (animated GIF)

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