Mode 6 Testing with GOES-17

September 25th, 2018 |

GOES-17 11.2 µm (Infrared Window Channel) Full Disk Images, 0915 – 1510 UTC on 25 September. Note the cadence change at 1300 UTC: every 15 minutes before 1300 UTC, every ten minutes after (Click to animate)

GOES-17 imagery shown here is preliminary and non-operational.

The default scanning strategy for the Advanced Baseline Imager on GOES-16 is Mode 3, also known as Flex Mode.  In Mode 3, there are 2 Mesoscale Sectors scanned every minute, a CONUS sector scanned every 5 minutes, and a Full Disk image scanned every 15 minutes.  GOES-17 is undergoing Mode 6 scanning, starting today, and proceeding into early October.  In Mode 6, there will continue to be two Mesoscale sectors scanned every minute, and a CONUS sector scanned every 5 minutes.  However, Full Disk imagery will be scanned every 10 minutes, rather than every 15.  6 Full Disk images each hour would align GOES-17 (and GOES-16, when and if this becomes operational) with default Full Disk imagery scanning on Himawari.

The animation of Full-Disk imagery above, showing Band 14 (11.2 µm), the window channel, on GOES-17, shows that Mode 6 scanning — every 10 minutes — started at 1300 UTC on 25 September.  Prior to that time, Mode 3 scanning — every 15 minutes — was occurring. GOES-16 Scanning remains Mode 3.

Added: Simultaneous GOES-16/GOES-17 Mode 4 (Continuous Full Disk — the highest data rate from the ABI) testing is planned for 1 October 2018.

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