JPSS VIIRS Satellites Virtual Science Fair


TheJPSS VIIRS Satellites Virtual Science Fair (VSF) will accept student research projects between October 1st 2023 and May 3rd 2024. Middle and High School students nationwide can submit individual projects or in small teams with classmates. The main requirement is using satellite imagery and data from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) instrument flying on the Suomi NPP and NOAA-20 polar orbiting satellites. the first two spacecraft in the JPSS series of satellites. Students from the winning teams will receive $25 gift cards, plus valuable research experience for college or future careers.  

1) Watch this short Weather Satellites video

2) Complete the JPSS Series Learning Module

3) Pick a research topic

    Topics/phenomena include
  •    Fire and Smoke,
  •    Hurricanes and Tropical Storms,
  •    Oceans and Coasts,
  •    River Ice and Flooding, and
  •    Day Night Band and Aurora Borealis.

The Learning Module includes sites where you can access VIIRS satellite images
4) Create a Poster via this template:

or make your own!
5) Check your work via this SCORING PUBRIC 6) SUBMIT your project! (links below)
by May 3rd, 2024

NOTE TO TEACHERS - While we encourage you to assign this activity to your entire classroom, please conduct an in-house review and only submit the top three projects to the VSF.
STUDENTS: feel free to enter whether this is an assignment or not! Enter as a team with your classmates or submit your own project. Any adult can serve as a coach - if you know a meteorologist consider asking them to help with your project.

All entries must include:
Poster: Create a scientific poster complete with representative VIIRS imagery (2 or more images) uploaded as a PDF or PPT slide, here's a template. Include VIIRS imagery as part of your project

High School entries must also include:
Short Video Presentation: Provide a link to an uploaded video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) or share a narrated Power Point in a Google folder. Students should describe the poster in a short (3-5 minutes) video, similar to a poster session at a professional conference.
OPTIONAL but nice for us: A full resolution photo of the student (s).


(due May 3rd, 2024)


(due May 3rd, 2024)


-VSF Project Ideas (just suggestions, all ideas work)

- PPT Template

- NOAA Overview Video on JPSS satellites

- Scoring Rubric (helpful guide when making your poster)

- Places to Access VIIRS Imagery on the Internet:
    VIIRS Today Watch a short DEMO
    VIIRS Imagery Viewer Watch a short DEMO
    JSTAR MAPPER Watch a short DEMO


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