Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Applications with the Newest Multi-spectral Meteorological and Ocean Color Satellites

Ostuni, Italy

8-16 June 2006

Date Session
8-Jun-06 Welcome – Discussion of Agenda
Lecture 1– Radiation and the Radiative Transfer Equation
Lab – Introduction to the Labs and HYDRA
9-Jun-06 Lecture 2 – Spectral signatures from Earth’s surface and atmosphere
Homework 1
Lab 1a – Staging, Viewing, Interrogating Multispectral Data
10-Jun-06 Lecture 3 – Remote Sensing Advances with MODIS inlcuding SST and ocean color estimation
Lab 1b – Multi-spectral Cloud Mask Properties
11-Jun-06 Free day
12-Jun-06 Lecture 4 – Detecting moisture, cloud, and aerosol with High Spectral Resolution Sounders
Homework 2
Lab 2a – Staging, Viewing, Interrogating AIRS and SHIS Data
13-Jun-06 Quiz 1
Lab 2b – High Spectral Resolution IR data: Exploring Spectral Properties of clouds and moisture
Lecture 5 – Introducing MSG: Detection of Fog, Fire, Dust...
Lab 3a – Organizing Group Projects (Cal/Val, ocean color & SST, cloud clearing, Eco Syst, dust & aerosols)
Evening Get-Together
14-Jun-06 Lab 3b – Continue Group Projects
Work Time – Homework and Labs
15-Jun-06 Quiz 2
Lab 3c – Continue Group Projects
Lab 3d – Finish Group Lab Projects
16-Jun-06 Lab 3e – Presentation of Group Lab Projects [Students]
Lecture 6 – Summary of Remote Sensing Lessons
Quiz 3
Concluding Ceremony