Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Applications with the Newest Multi-spectral Environmental Satellites

Iglesias, Italy

21-27 September 2008

Supported by AUSI, EUMETSAT, and SSEC

Date Session
21-Sep-08 Welcome-Introduction of students and teachers
22-Sep-08 Lecture 1 –Radiative Transfer in the Earth Atmosphere(Paul Menzel)
Homework 1
Lab 1 –Lab on Planck Function and Intro to Hydra(Paolo Antonelli)
23-Sep-08 Lecture 2 –Spectral signatures from Earth’s surface & atmosphere(Paul Menzel)
Homework 1
Lab 2 –Interrogating MODIS Data(Paul Menzel)
24-Sep-08 Lecture 3a - Investigations with leo and geo imagers, part 1, part 2, part 3 (Paolo Antonelli)
Lecture 3b Tri-spectral window applications with SEVIRI(Jochen Kerkmann)
Quiz 1
Lab 3 –MODIS and SEVIRI looking at clouds(Paolo Antonelli)
25-Sep-08 Lecture 4 –Hyperspectral resolution(Paolo Antonelli)
Lab 4 – Exploring AIRS/IASI data(Paolo Antonelli)
26-Sep-08 Lab 5 Student Projects
Lab Student Presentations of their Investigations
Lecture 5 Visualization expectations with McIDAS-V(Hans-Peter Roesli)
Homework Review(Paul Menzel)
27-Sep-08 Lecture 6 Summary (Menzel)
Quiz 2
Concluding Ceremony


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