Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Short Course in Remote Sensing

18-24 September 2011

Brienza, Italy

Date Session
18-Sep-11 Openning Remarks
Lecture 1 Instruments and Orbits
19-Sep-11 Lecture 2 Radiative Transfer in the Earth Atmosphere
Homework 1
Lab 1 Planck Function
20-Sep-11 Lecture 3 Spectral Signatures from Earth
Lecuture 3 Estimating surface rain rate from satellite passive microwave observations
Lab 2 Interrrogating Multispectral Data
21-Sep-11 Lecture 4 Sounding with broad band and hyperspectral IR
Quiz 1
Lab 3 Interrogating AIRS Data and Exploring Spectral Properties of Clouds and Moisture
22-Sep-11 Homework 2
Lecture 5 Microwave and time continuous (geostationary) measurements
Lab 4 Investigations of clouds and moisture with MODIS, AIRS and AMSU
24-Sep-11 Student Projects using MODIS, IASI, AIRS, SEVIRI
Lecture 5 Summary of Satellite Remote Sensing Concepts
Lab 5 RGB Combinations for Viewing Micro-physical Cloud Properties and Dust
RGB Combinations and IASI Channel Differences for Viewing SO2




  • AIRS.2005.08.28.103.atm_prof_rtv_npc030.hdf
  • AIRS.2005.08.28.103.L1B.AIRS_Rad.v4.0.9.0.G05241172839.hdf
  • AIRS.2005.08.28.103.L1B.AMSU_Rad.v5.0.0.0.G07102220758.hdf
  • MOD021KM.A2001149.1030.005.2007054003907 (1).hdf
  • MOD021KM.A2001149.1030.005.2007054003907.hdf
  • MOD07_L2.A2001149.1030.005.2007054010546.hdf
  • MYD021KM.A2005240.1020.005.2005242062607.hdf
  • MYD07_L2.A2005240.1020.005.2008056141018.hdf
  • Software