Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Applications with the Newest Multi-spectral Environmental Satellites

25-29 Mar 2013

Madison, USA

Paul Menzel

Date Session
25-Mar-13 Lecture 1:
Oribits and Instruments
Introduction to VIS-IR Radiation
Lab 1 -Planck Function and Using HYDRA2 to Inspect Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
26-Mar-13 Lecture2:
Radiative Transfer Equation
Introduction to Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Remote Sensing
Lab2- Using HYDRA to Inspect Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
27-Mar-13 Lecture 3:
Introduction to High Spectral Resolution IR Measurements
Introduction to Microwave and Split Window Moisture
Lab3 -Interrrogating CrIS Data and Exploring Spectral Properties of Clouds and Moisture
29-Mar-13 Summary of Satellite Remote Sensing Concepts