CSPP Geo software is now providing GOES-16 ABI QuickLooks

March 3rd, 2017 |

GOES-16 ABI Radiance Quicklooks for all 16 bands at 1925 UTC on 3 March 2017 (Click to enlarge)

Note: GOES-16 data shown on this page are preliminary, non-operational data and are undergoing on-orbit testing.

CSPP (Community Satellite Processing Package) Geo software developed at SSEC/CIMSS is designed to allow a user to process data from a GRB (GOES ReBroadcast) antenna, producing useful imagery. Development Snapshot Releases have been ongoing as actual GRB GOES-16 signal has become available to shake out any issues, and Quicklook ABI images are now being processed, as shown in the animation above. Grey-scale value ranges for these images are not now configurable; different values are used for each band (which explains, for example, why Band 8, 9 and 10 — the three water vapor channels at 6.2 µm, 6.95 µm and 7.3 µm do not appear to be progressively warmer).

More information on CSPP Geo is available here.

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