GOES-R Series ABI Quick Guides

Fact Sheet Table

GOES ABI Quick Guides

Band Number Band Nickname Central Wavelength GOES-16 OCLO Quick Guide Version (Post-Launch) Pre-Launch versions
1 Blue Band 0.47 µm Link Link
2 Red Band 0.64 µm Link Link
3 Vegetation Band 0.86 µm Link Link
4 Cirrus Band 1.38 µm Link Link
5 Snow/Ice Band 1.61 µm Link Link
6 Cloud Particle Size Band 2.24 µm Link Link
7 Shortwave Infrared 3.90 µm Link Link
8 Upper-Level Water Vapor 6.19 µm Link Link
9 Mid-Level Water Vapor 6.95 µm Link Link
10 Low-level Water Vapor 7.34 µm Link Link
11 Infrared Cloud Top Phase 8.4 µm Link Link
12 Ozone Band 9.6 µm Link Link
13 Infrared Clean Window 10.3 µm Link Link
14 Infrared Window 11.2 µm Link Link
15 Infrared Dirty Window 12.3 µm Link Link
16 Carbon Dioxide 13.3 µm Link Link

JMA AHI "Green band" Quick Guide

Channel Name Definition Quick Guide
Green band on AHI Centered at 0.51µm Link

GOES ABI Channel Difference Quick Guides

Channel Difference Name in AWIPS Definition GOES-16 OCLO Quick Guide
Night Fog 10.3µm - 3.9µm Link
Moisture (Split Window Difference) 10.3µm - 12.2µm Link
Cloud Phase 8.4µm - 11.2µm Link
Split Snow 1.61µm - 0.64µm Link
Split Water Vapor 6.2µm - 7.3µm Link
Split Ozone 9.6µm - 10.3µm Link

GOES-16 Baseline Product Quick Guides

Baseline Level 2 Products in AWIPS GOES-16 OCLO Quick Guide
Aerosol Detection Product (ADP) Link
Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Link
Derived Motion Wind vectors Link
Derived Stability Indices Link
Clear Sky Mask Link
Cloud Phase Link
Cloud Top Height Link
Cloud Top Temperature Link
Cloud Top Pressure Link
Cloud Top Particle Size Distribution Link
Cloud Optical Depth Link
Volcanic Ash Detection Link
GOES-16 IFR Probability Link
GOES-16 Cloud Thickness Link
GOES-16 Fire/Hotspot Characterization Link
Land Surface Temperature Link
Ice Concentration Link
Ice Surface Temperature Link
Ice Age/Thickness Link
Ice Motion Link
Snow Fraction Link

GOES-R RGB Quick Guides

Quick Guides for RGBs can also be found at this CIRA website.
RGB Title GOES-R Quick Guide
Day Cloud Type RGB Link
Rocket Plume RGB (oldest version) Link
Nighttime Rocket Plume RGB Link
Daytime Rocket Plume RGB Link

JPSS Product Quick Guides

Quick Guides for JPSS Channels and Products can be found at this website. Some are also below

JPSS Product JPSS OCLO Quick Guide
VIIRS Ice Concentration Link
VIIRS Ice Surface Temperature Link
JASON Wave Heights Link
GCOM AMSR-2 Sea-Surface Winds Link
GCOM AMSR-2 Sea-Ice Concentration Link

ProbSevere Quick Guides

Machine-Learning Tool OCLO Quick Guide
LightningCast Probability Link

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