GOES-R Education Proving Ground

Image Resolution WebApp

Please note that these activities use HTML5 and require an up-to-date browser!
They are also "touch-friendly" and should run on all mobile devices.

GOES-R ABI will provide four times the spatial resolution and more than five times faster temporal coverage than current GOES!
These cases allow one to change the temporal and spatial resoultion for a series of satellite images.

Hurricane (visible)
Convection (infrared)
Fires (shortwave)
Convection (visible)
Cirrus (visible)
Fog (visible)
Mountain Waves (wv)
Pyrocumulus (visible)
Smoke (visible)
Low Pressure (visible)
Mexico (visible)
Hot spot (shortwave)

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 Animations provided by Tim Schmit, NOAA NESDIS. Webapp Copyrighted© 2014 by Tom Whittaker at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.