Monona Terrace

The 2009 CALIPSO/CloudSat conference was held in the Monona Terrace Convention Center, located two blocks from the state capital and on the shores of the picturesque Lake Monona. The Monona Terrace was originally designed by the renowned architect and Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright designed the Terrace over more than a decade, envisioning a location that would link the state capital to Lake Monona. Since its construction over a decade ago the Monona Terrace has fulfilled Wright's plan, and given Madison one of its premier spaces. More information about the Monona Terrace can be found at their website.

Madison, WI

Set on an isthmus between two scenic lakes, the city of Madison is Wisconsin's second largest city and the state capital. Madison is home to many different attractions including the State Street pedestrian mall, many restaurants, great lakes, world class bike paths, great museums and galleries and so much more. In addition, during the week of the conference the annual taste of Madison took place, during which Madison's finest restaurants offer a full three course meal for only $25. With all the different options there is never a shortage of things to do during summer in Madison. Madison is also home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a world class research university. All of these things and much more are what propels Madison to be ranked near the top in many city rankings. A much more comprehensive guide of everything Madison has to offer can be found here, or more information about the university can be found here.

Various socials and activities were organized for the members of the CALIPSO/CloudSat community every night after the conference. On Tuesday night a dinner was organized at the Great Dane Pub and Brewery, a Madison microbrewery regionally known for both its great beer and its excellent food. Members of the CALIPSO/CloudSat community were able to enjoy Concerts on the Square after the meeting Wednesday. Concerts on the Square is a sampling of all types music every Wednesday night during the summer on the lawn of the capital. For the last night of organized festivities a dinner was organized at Mariner's Inn with the annual CALIPSO/CloudSat competition following it.