2009 Joint CALIPSO-CloudSat Science Team Meeting

Held on July 28-31, 2009 the CALIPSO/CloudSat team meeting provided an opportunity for members of both teams to discuss the data generated from CloudSat and CALIPSO and the future of the programs. In particular, the meeting focused on scientific discoveries and model improvements enabled by CloudSat and/or CALIPSO and included discussion on the impact that these missions have had on improving our understanding of clouds and aerosols and their effects on climate, weather, and air quality.

Nearly 100 posters were submitted by members of both teams as well as others involved with the project. Select speakers from both teams as well as a few from outside the CALIPSO/CloudSat community gave 15-20 minute talks throughout the week. The slides from the talks as well as the posters can be found in alphabetical order in the Presentations & Posters section.


The central topics for the meeting:

  • How are CALIPSO/CloudSat observations contributing to a better understanding of aerosol/cloud
    direct and indirect effects?
  • What can and can not be done with data from these platforms?
  • How are CALIPSO/CloudSat observations contributing to our knowledge of cloud
    dynamics and precipitation?
  • What is needed to further advance this understanding?
  • What efforts should be emphasized in the next 2-4 years to support these objectives?