ACSPO Sea Surface Temperatures along the northern Gulf Coast

October 1st, 2020 |

ACSPO Sea Surface Temperatures derived from NOAA-20 VIIRS imagery, 1856 UTC on 1 October 2020 (Click to enlarge)

NOAA-20 overflew a mostly clear northern Gulf of Mexico shortly after 1900 UTC on 1 October. Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Ocean (ACSPO) sea-surface temperatures, shown above, were derived by CSPP (the Community Satellite Processing Package) using Direct Broadcast data at CIMSS (Training for Direct Broadcast data is available here). The AWIPS-ready datafiles are available via an LDM pull to forecast offices.

Near-shore Sea-Surface temperatures have cooled to around 80. The default enhancement used in AWIPS has been narrowed to show temperatures only from 68ºF to 90ºF. Warmer offshore waters are present, but cloudiness over the central Gulf prevented SST detection. The warmest waters in the scene are in Lake Maurepas in Louisiana, and in various bays (Mobile, Perdido, Pensacola). A zoomed-in scene is shown below. Because this product uses the I-Bands on VIIRS, it has extraordinary horizontal resolution.

ACSPO SSTs over the near-shore waters of the north-central Gulf of Mexico, 1856 UTC on 1 October 2020 (Click to enlarge)

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