Power Outages in the wake of a strong Nor’easter

October 31st, 2017 |

Suomi NPP Day Night Band Visible Imagery (0.70 µm) on 4 October 2017 (2:43 AM EST) and on 30 October 2017 (2:38 AM EST) (Click to enlarge)

The toggle above includes nocturnal visible Suomi NPP VIIRS  Day Night Band (0.7 µm) imagery over New England after a strong storm (blogged here), compared with a reference image from 04 October 2017.  The primary nighttime light source for the Day Night Band over land on 31 October was cities (since the Moon was below the horizon), thus a comparison between the latest image with one earlier in the month having different lunar illumination (from October 4th) highlights regions that experienced significant power outages due to high winds.  Clouds will affect the interpretation of the Day Night Band imagery, and a reference Infrared Window (11.45 µm) image from 31 October at 2:38 AM EST is here.  The Day Night Band image with only cloud outlines is here.  (VIIRS imagery courtesy of Will Straka, CIMSS).

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