NASA HAQAST improved NOx emissions using OMI
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Connecting to Stakeholders: PI Brad Pierce gave a briefing on the 2017 Lake Michigan Ozone Study to the Business Advocacy Committee of the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on April 7, 2017. The briefing discussed the objectives and measurement strategy used to characterize the recirculation, aging, and mixing of the Chicago and Milwaukee urban plumes as they move over Lake Michigan and their impact on surface ozone along the shore of Lake Michigan.
View the slides: Lake Michigan Ozone Study Brief to Sheboygan County Chamber
LMOS 2017 story on the WPR Blog: A Wisconsin Public Radio interview of some the 2017 Lake Michigan Ozone Study (LMOS 2017) science leads aired on June 22, 2017, which was also that last day of the LMOS 2017 field campaign. An on-line version of the interview is available at
On-Air Interview: Brad Pierce was invited to an on-air interview at the Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) studios in Madison, Wisconsin on August 10, 2017 to discuss the 2017 Lake Michigan Ozone Study (LMOS 2017) with the hosts of WPRs Central Times. Listen at
Open House: Numerous team members staffed an Open House in Sheboygan on Saturday, June 17, 2017, enabling first hand interactions between interested citizens and NOAA, NASA, EPA and university scientists. The public could visit the SSEC SPARC mobile lab, the EPA/NOAA research vessel, and the EPA mobile lab. The goal was to raise awareness on how the project uses satellites, ground based and aircraft measurements to better understand air quality along the western shore of Lake Michigan.

SOS Dataset: A 10-year (2006-2016) high-resolution (0.1x0.1 degree) monthly mean tropospheric NO2 column data set generated by the NASA OMI Science Team for NO2 was developed for display on NOAA Science On a Sphere (SOS) exhibits.

View this NO2 dataset on YouTube.

SSEC News Article: Lake Michigan Ozone Study 2017: Collaborative field campaign will pursue sources and transport of ozone.
This on-line article was published in July, 2016, nearly a year before the NEI NOX project commenced, in the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) News Articles. Read the full story at

SSEC Biannual Publication: This project was featured in the UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering (SSEC) "Through the Atmosphere" summer 2017 publication in print and on-line. Download a PDF excerpt here: An Atmospheric Mystery
Meet the LMOS Scientists! Dr. Betsy Stone compiled a presentation introducing the contributors to the summer 2017 LMOS data collection part of this project. Watch the video!

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