Virtual Classroom Visits

An innovative aspect of the course makes use of an interactive distance education tool called VISITview. VISITview allows instructors to connect with numerous students simultaneously to conduct a lesson. Developed at CIMSS to facilitate training of National Weather Service forecasters economically and remotely, VISITview is especially effective for groups of people discussing and analyzing maps or images interactively from multiple locations.

Along with an on-line chat function, VISITview participants can use a speaker phone or a networked voice-enabled application to create a learning environment similar to a traditional classroom. Over 14,000 National Weather Service employees have been trained using VISITview. More information about this training tool can be found on-line at .

As long as your school has Internet access, an LCD projector and a speakerphone, VISITview sessions can be shared with an entire classroom. This can be very educational (and exciting!) during the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

To schedule a weather-related VISITview session please send an email by clicking here with "VISITview session" in the subject line. Please be sure to include your name, school name and address, grade you teach and the week & class times you would like a meteorologist to "visit" your classroom.