This is a self-paced course. Each lesson takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Remote sensing
1) Satellite Technology and Orbits
2) Measuring Electromagnetic Radiation
3) Spatial Analysis
4) Observations and Applications
5) Geologic Time and Plate tectonics
6) Geologic Structures
7) Volcanoes and satellite monitoring
8) Observing the Oceans from Space
9) Ocean Properties and Composition
10) Ocean Currents
11) Ocean waves: surface and interface waves
12) Earth's Atmosphere, Energy Cycle and Energy Budget
13) Global Weather Patterns
14) Identifying Clouds on Satellite Images
15) Weather Forecasting
16) Hurricanes and Other Storms
17) Aviation Weather
18) Past and Present Climate
19) Satellites Observations of Climate Systems
Earth as a System
20) Cycles and Spheres
21) Stewardship and Sustainability