Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

MODIS/AIRS Training and Applications Course

Pretoria, South Africa

4-7 April 2006

Date Session
4-Apr-06 Lecture1-Introduction to MODIS(Liam Gumley)
Lecture2-MODIS File Formats(Liam Gumley)
Lecture3-Quick Review of Remote Sensing Basic Theory 1(Paolo Antonelli)
Lab1-MODIS Instrument Characteristics and High Spatial Resolution MODIS Image Creation
5-Apr-06 Lecture4-MODIS Level 2 Products(Kathleen Strabala)
Lecture5-Quick Review of Remote Sensing Basic Theory 2(Paolo Antonelli)
Lab2-MODIS Cloud Spectral Propertirs, Cloud Mask, NDVI and Fire Detection
6-Apr-06 Lecture6-MODIS Ocean Products(Liam Gumley)
Lecture7- Quick Review of Remote Sensing Basic Theory 3(Paolo Antonelli)
Lecture8-MODIS Level 2 Cloud Product(Kathleen Strabala)
Lecture9-MODIS Level 2 Aerosol Product(Kathleen Strabala)
Lecture10-MODIS Atmospheric Profiles(Suzanne Wetzel Seemann)
Lab3-MODIS Aerosils, Dust Detection, Cloud Phase, Sea Surface Temperature and Sediment Concentration
7-Apr-06 Lecture11- AIRS Instrument, Measurements, Retriecal Algorithm, Aoolications, and Future Sensors(Hung-Lung Allen Huang)
Lecture12-Quick Review of Remote Sensing Basic Theory 4(Paolo Antonelli)
Lab4-AIRS retriecals, spectral signatures, and SO2 Detection