Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Remote Sensing Seminar

Maratea, Italy

22-31 May 2003

Supported by CNR-IMAA (Potenza) and EUMETSAT (Darmstadt)

Date Session
22-May-03 Welcome : Discussion of Agenda [Menzel, Cuomo]
Lecture : Radiation and the Radiative Transfer Equation [Menzel]
Lab : Familiarization with MATLAB [Antonelli]
23-May-03 Lecture : Spectral signatures from Earth’s surface and atmosphere [Menzel]
Lecture : Remote Sensing Advances with MODIS and MSG including aerosol detection with MODIS and cloud evolution with MSG [Menzel]
Homework 1
24-May-03 Lab 1 : Multi-spectral Data [Antonelli, Menzel]
Staging, Viewing, Interrogating the MODIS Data. Multi-spectral Cloud Mask Properties
24-May-03 free
25-May-03 free
Group dinner
26-May-03 Quiz 1
Lecture : High Spectral Resolution IR Observing & Instruments (part 1) [Revercomb]
Lecture : High Spectral Resolution IR Observing & Instruments (part 2) [Revercomb]
Lecture: High Spectral Resolution IR Observing & Instruments (part 3)
Lab 2 : High Spectral Resolution IR data [Antonelli, Revercomb]
27-May-03 Lecture : Instrument Considerations [Menzel]
Lecture : Investigations with High Spectral Resolution Data from AIRS
Homework 2
Lab 3 : Mapping Surface, Cloud, and Aereosol Properties with High Spatial and High Spectral Resolution data [Antonelli, Revercomb]
28-May-03 Lecture : Evolving to the Future Global Observing System [Menzel]
Lab 4 : Combining High Spatial and High Temporal Reoslution Data [Antonelli, Menzel]
29-May-03 Lab : Finish Labs
Discussion : Presentation of Group Lap Projects [Students, Antonelli]
30-May-03 Quiz 2
Review Homework and Quizzes
Lecture : Summary of Remote Sensing Lessons [Menzel, Revercomb, Antonelli]
Evening: Get-Together
31-May-03 Concluding Ceremony