Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

GEOSS Americas/Caribbean Remote Sensing Workshop
– Transforming Data into Products

São Paulo, Brazil

26-30 November 2007

Date Sessions
26-Nov-07 Workshop Opening
Lecture1-Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals 1(Tim S. & Allen H.)
Lecture2-Multispectral Imager and Sounder Measurement Information Content(Kathy S.)
Lab1- MODIS Data/Imagery(Kathy S., Tom R. & All)
27-Nov-07 Lecture3-Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals 2(Tim S. & Allen H.)
Lecture4-MODIS Atmosphere, Land & Marine Products(Kathy S.)
Ordering of MODIS Products(Kathy S.)
Direct Broadcast CIMSS Regional Assimilation System (DB-CRAS)(Allen H.)
Lab2- MODIS Products(Kathy S., Tom R. & All)
28-Nov-07 Lecture5-Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals 3(Allen H. & Tim S.)
Lecture6-Overview of NOAA Geo Program, part 1, part 2 (Gary W.)
SSEC Remote Sensing Expertise(Allen H.)
Lecture7-Review of GOES-10 Imager, part 1, part 2(Tim S. & Gary W.)
Lab3-GOES-10 Images/ Products(Gary W., Tim S., Tom R., & All)
29-Nov-07 Lecture8-Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals4(Allen H. & Tim S.)
Lecture9-Review of GOES-10 Sounder I(Tim S.)
Lecture10-Review of GOES-10 Sounder II(Gary W.)
Lab4-GOES-10 Soundings(Tim S., Gary W., Tom R. & All)
30-Nov-07 Lab5-Geo/Leo Integration(Kathy S., Tom R. & All)
Lecture11-CPTEC Lecture I(Leonardo P., Alberto S., Milton K.,Luiz M. )
Lecture12-CPTEC Lecture II(Rodrigo S., Juan C.)
Lecture13-Future Systems/Capabilities/Opportunities/Plans(Tim S. & Allen H.)
Workshop Review(Hosts & Lecturers)