Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

MODIS Workshop

Andenes, Norway

28 February - 2 March, 2006

Date Sessions
28-Feb-06 Lecture 1- Introduction to MODIS Sensor, Products, and Applications
Coffee Break
Lecture 2- MODIS Scanner Characteristics, Processing Software, Image Artifacts, Reprojection, and True Color Images
Lab 1 -Familiarization with MODIS visualization software (Hydra)
Examination of MODIS spectral band features for land, ocean, and clouds
1-Mar-06 Lecture 3- MODIS Product Overview IMAPP Workshop
Coffee Break
Lecture 4- MODIS Product Overview IMAPP Workshop(continued)
Lab 2 -Interpretation of MODIS Cloud Mask, Cloud Phase and Aerosol products
2-Mar-06 Lecture 5-Snow/Ice Detection
Lecture 6-Polar Winds
Coffee Break
Lab 3 -MODIS Polar Winds
Workshop Concludes