Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies

Applications with the Newest Multi-spectral Environmental Satellites

Krakow, Poland

8-12 May 2006

Supported by the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, NOAA/NESDIS, and EUMETSAT

8-May-06 Welcome – Discussion of Agenda(Paul Menzel)
Lecture 1– Radiation and the Radiative Transfer Equation(Paul Menzel)
Lecture 2 – Spectral signatures from Earth’s surface and atmosphere detected with MODIS and SEVIRI(Paul Menzel)
Applications of the SEVIRI window channels in the infrared(Jose Prieto)
Lab 1 – Introduction to the Labs and Hydra(Paul Menzel, Paolo Antonelli)
9-May-06 Homework
Lecture 3a – Introducing Infrared Hyperspectral Data(Paul Menzel)
Lab 2 – Multi-spectral Data(Paolo Antonelli, Paul Menzel)

Staging, Viewing, Interrogating MODIS Data
10-May-06 Homework
Quiz 1
Lecture 3b – Detecting moisture, cloud, and aerosol with High Spectral Resolution Sounders(Paul Menzel)
Lab 3 – High Spectral Resolution IR data(Paolo Antonelli)

Staging, Viewing, Interrogating AIRS Data
11-May-06 Homework
Lab 4 – Introducing Group Projects(Paul Menzel, Paolo Antonelli)

(Cal/Val, O3, Volcanic Ash, Eco Syst, Cld & Aerosol)
Lab 4 – Group Lab Projects(Paolo Antonelli, Tutors)
Group Dinner
12-May-06 Lab 4 – Group Lab Projects(Students, Paolo Antonelli)
Lab 4 – Presentation of Group Lab Projects(Students, Paolo Antonelli)
Lecture 4 – Summary of Remote Sensing Lessons(Paul Menzel, Paolo Antonelli, Tutors)
Quiz 2
Discussion – Longer Term Projects
Concluding Ceremony